Sunday, September 9, 2007

Michigan Fan Boycott

Following is the message I sent to the University president after the App. St. loss. The only thing I added this week is that I will boycott attending or watching every Michigan game until Lloyd Carr is fired and I encourage everyone to do the same. Change requires dedication and commitment.
I am a Michigan grad currently living in Washington DC. I proudly don the Michigan colors and decorate my car and house with Michigan paraphernalia. After today, I feel like I should take it all down. This was the most disgraceful loss in NCAA history and I am actually ashamed to be associated with the school I love. Anything short of the immediate firing of "Coach" Lloyd Carr is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the somehow still loyal fan base of this school. This is just the culmination in a long line of heart wrenching disappointments at the hands of this team due to his lack of leadership and football understanding. I hope you take this letter as seriously as I am because I don't think I can take any more heartache. I'm sure their are other letters you have received that echo my sentiments.
Sincerely, John Huffstetler

P.S. I still have not received a response to this email. The Michigan President's email address is Please flood her inbox. Things must change.

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